ALL IS NOT WELL: The Cultural Issues Within The National Honorary Band Fraternity

IMG_20191128_200958_883.jpg I believe the fraternity has encountered another “Rutgers Incident”. Not a Federal Law changing the rules of the land, but rather another “incident” that will rattle the very core of the organization for years to come…

LEGACY: Does It Still Work For Today’s Bands?

sarje wadeCollege bands have a long history of “hiring within”. For a university music program, especially an HBCU band program, to never have hired an alum is highly unusual.

BAND STORIES: What Lead You To Join A College Band?

bellIt was a magical moment. One of the few times I got goosebumps from a marching band arrangement. I was sold. I knew it at that moment.

CRANKING!: My Unnecessary Explanation For Those That Need It

Queen City Battle of the BandWhen it comes down to it we should look at cranking in the likeness of dancing… Some people are naturally good at dancing, and some people naturally suck at it.

I’M BETTER THAN YOU!: The Elitist Mentality Of Music Educators

betterJUST when we thought we had braved the worst of this miserable year… This happened.

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