IT’S GOING DOWN… IN THE STANDS!!: Has Halftime Taken A Backseat To The Gym Battle, Zero Quarter, And The 5th?

fieldMaybe I’m just bugging… but everything just seems a little “off” this year

2018 MARCHING SEASON – WEEK ONE: It’s Still Early… But Laawd!

HomecomingGameEntranceAs most bands are just climbing out of pre-drill and some have still yet to play their first games, the 2018 marching season has been officially “kicked off”. To say it was an eventful start would be an understatement!

WHO’S THE KING OF R&B?!: 5 Ballads Finessed… But Who’s The Best?

standpic1There’s nothing I like to hear more than a band playing the skin off of a good ballad.

CRANKING!: My Unnecessary Explanation For Those That Need It

Queen City Battle of the BandWhen it comes down to it we should look at cranking in the likeness of dancing… Some people are naturally good at dancing, and some people naturally suck at it.


sudler I believe this award is important because it is established as THE measure for excellence among America’s elite college marching band programs.  I believe it’s time for an HBCU Band program, the ones we claim to be the best every year, to participate in the process again and to win.

I’M BETTER THAN YOU!: The Elitist Mentality Of Music Educators

betterJUST when we thought we had braved the worst of this miserable year… This happened.

UNIFORMGATE: What Makes “A Good Uniform” In Your Opinion?

closeupThe Florida A&M University Marching 100 dawned new uniforms at The Florida Classic in Orlando this past weekend and all hell broke loose..

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