LET’S ESTABLISH THE RULES: The Ten 5th Commandments!

big4As we kick off the marching season I wanted to bring this fun part of band culture to your attention in hopes that more bands understand the 5th quarter and improve their approach to it. Don’t knock the rap skillz. Lol!

LEGACY: Does It Still Work For Today’s Bands?

sarje wadeCollege bands have a long history of “hiring within”. For a university music program, especially an HBCU band program, to never have hired an alum is highly unusual.

YOU MUST WORK HARDER THAN US: The Small Bands That Accepted The Challenge…

workSubconsciously, we seperate them from the bands we consider to be “better”… the bigger bands.

October, October… It’s Almost Over.

darlington As I look back, I needed those early failures in order to grow into the educator I’m still becoming. And though we won a lot of times, it was more important for my students to learn how to react when we lost.

CRANKING!: My Unnecessary Explanation For Those That Need It

Queen City Battle of the BandWhen it comes down to it we should look at cranking in the likeness of dancing… Some people are naturally good at dancing, and some people naturally suck at it.

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