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There are many sites that cover the world of college marching bands from a fan or former member’s perspective but not many from a music educator or director’s perspective. Realizing the void of knowledgeable discussion, as it pertains to college marching bands, we decided to create Block Us Up!®.

Well-Written Articles

“Great job as usual Brother Ernest Stackhouse! Your writing is impeccable”

– Bernardo Dargan

Legendary Interviews

We publish legendary interviews to highlight the careers of individuals that have contributed in great ways to our band culture and to the world of music education in general. With this series we are attempting to catalog the comments and thoughts of these legendary individuals into searchable transcript for generations to read and learn from for years to come. Enjoy…

Block Us Up!

Block Us Up! is where our followers come for; our unique perspective on marching band performances, helpful resources for band directors, fun band related topics, and exclusive interviews with some of today’s brightest and most talented leaders of college marching bands!

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