WHO’S THE KING OF R&B?!: 5 Ballads Finessed… But Who’s The Best?

There’s nothing I like to hear more than a band playing the skin off of a good ballad. I selected some of my favs from around the web and listed them here in alphabetical order. Check out the clips and let us know what you think by rating each performance (0 to 5 stars) based on what sounds good to you. If you need help deciding… compare each band’s over all musicality, technique, interpretation, execution, and the arrangement (how well the song is written). It’s all fun! Have at it!






Special thanks to our media hosts: BandTube HD Kelvin Parker BGMM Media Marching Sport Killa Kev Productions

Feel free to comment below!


  1. Like AA&M arrangement better. Love all the counter melodies and they didn’t play like they were trying to blow the roof off the building. Dynamics helped with the blending of the melodies.

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  2. As an arranger for over 30 years, I will say: Arranging concept, musicianship, blend and balance goes to AAMU…. It is a well written and performed ballad!

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