IT’S GOING DOWN… IN THE STANDS!!: Has Halftime Taken A Backseat To The Gym Battle, Zero Quarter, And The 5th?

fieldMaybe I’m just bugging… but everything just seems a little “off” this year

WHO’S THE KING OF R&B?!: 5 Ballads Finessed… But Who’s The Best?

standpic1There’s nothing I like to hear more than a band playing the skin off of a good ballad.

2017 HONDA BATTLE OF THE BANDS – Breakdown & Analysis

[youtube here we are… 8 of the “best” black college bands from around the nation have converged on Atlanta Georgia for two big reasons: 1. A $20,000.00 check from The Honda Corporation. (Yeah, that’s important) and 2. The highly coveted, entire year of, bragging rights!

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