This is our sixth installment of “Apps That Make Band Life Easier“. The response to our previous write ups has been overwhelming! Thanks for the support and we are delighted that the information posted has been useful to so many. If you missed those articles they will be linked below. In this edition we are focusing on one site that does it all!

music tech

Music Tech Teacher (Free) is a website created by Ms. Karen Garrett. It includes fun learning games, quizzes and worksheets that focus on: Instrument Families, Music Terms, Famous Musicians, Piano Keyboard, Treble and Bass Lines & Spaces, Rhythms, and Music Theory. It does require flash so its recommended that you use this site on a flash enabled browser like chrome.

“This site is an extension of the music technology and band classroom at Green Acres Middle School in Birmingham, AL. I have been teaching Instrumental Music since 1992. My students are learning to read, write, compose, publish and perform their music. Student work, videos, photos and music compositions are posted on this site. The site is also used to provide music technology links, quizzes, resources and information to all music teachers interested in using technology to enhance music instruction. I hope that the site will serve as a valuable resource for teachers and students. Thank you for visiting my site!” 

– Ms. Karen Garrett, Music Tech Teacher

I’ve used Music Tech Teacher for years. It is phenomenal! I’ve downloaded worksheets which have been great for individual student rhythm study and class work. When I’m out, worksheets from this site make it easy for my substitute to provide great, music theory based, lessons that my students actually learn from. The games are great too! They can be enjoyed by all levels (elementary, middle, and high). I encourage you to check this site out.


Game based on intervals
Game that focuses on note values


Click here for great worksheets in PDF format

A Child enjoys one of Ms Garrett’s  games at home.

Ms. Garrett’s site is easy to navigate with an engaging and interactive user interface and superb audio and video content which makes for great learning. The fun visuals within the games make lessons come alive while the well designed worksheets and quizzes have proven to be invaluable resources. The simple and clean visual style of Music Tech Teacher will draw your students in; solid, serious content will help them hone their musical skills.

You can follow Ms. Garrett and her students on Twitter and Facebook

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