This is our seventh installment of “Apps That Make Band Life Easier“. The response to our previous write ups has been overwhelming! Thanks for the support and we are delighted that the information posted has been useful to so many. If you missed those articles they will be linked below.

note trainerNote Trainer Pro ($3.99 in the App Store for iOS devices only): Note Trainer is designed to improve melodic dictation and sight – reading. It is aimed at musicians, music students on all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and basically anyone interested in strengthening their ability to read music. It includes exercises reading musical notes and chords.

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Note Trainer is a fun way to learn how to read notes and chords. It allows the user to start at whatever level they feel comfortable then gradually increases the difficulty as their reading ability improves.

The app consists of over 30 preloaded exercises but is also fully customizable to expand to the limits of your imagination. With this app practice becomes fun so directors should get less excuses and more results.


logo1My Little Rhythm ($2.99 in the App Store for iOS devices only): My little rhythm is a fun lil app for younger students but has proven to be entertaining for all ages. A metronome clicks in the background as the user taps the screen to the rhythm that is shown. The difficulty can be increased or decreased by changing the time signature and the tempo.

For every correct rhythm read a star or a smiley face appears on the screen to recognize the achievement. When the user reaches the end of the measure, having played correct rhythms, a “point” is given.


EEEssential Elements Interactive (free) – This app is the mobile companion for Essential Elements Interactive. It is a step towards what music study will be like in the future. It enables the user to hear a recording of the exercises from the method book to practice with. It also has the ability to provide an accompaniment utilizing instruments of different styles and periods. The following features are listed on the site:


EEi users will be able to:

• Practice their instruments with multiple audio accompaniment tracks
• Record themselves via their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
• Upload and share recordings via the EEi cloud
• Use tempo control, slowing the audio speed for practice
• View instructional videos
• Access supplemental handouts and worksheets
• View and share assignments and materials from teacher to student
• And much more…

This is how I imagined teaching band in the future to be…


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