This is our fourth installment of “Apps That Make Band Life Easier“. The response to our previous write ups have been overwhelming! Thanks for the support and we are delighted that the information posted has been useful to so many. If you missed those articles they will be linked below. In this write up we have included some of your favorite apps and websites for others to take advantage of. We will be including some of your app suggestions in this article and in future write-ups. Please continue to send them in and remember to check back periodically!


Sideline (Totally Free) Sideline is a great way for teachers to secure a second phone line that can be answered directly from their personal cell phone. This is a great way to have a “business” number and a personal number. If you are a google user then you may be familiar with hangouts. Well, this works just like hangouts but without the video calling. You can even text! I like that you can set “office hours” or time periods in which you accept calls on that number and times that you don’t. Helps you have somewhat of a life and maybe avoid having that booster parent calling you all night trying to find out who’s cooking the chilli for the concessions stand! Here are the features:

  •  A real phone number – Choose a local area code (if you want) and get a 2nd number on your smartphone.
  • Separate voicemail – Record and manage multiple voicemail greetings for your Sideline number.
  • Carrier reliability (not VoIP) – Calls use your carrier and minutes (which are likely unlimited) so everything just works.
  • Know who’s calling – Separate caller ID, notifications and ringtones let you know who’s contacting you.
  • Texting – Texting is free and unlimited. Sideline’s inbox puts all your communication in one place.
  • Transfer your number – Don’t need a new number? Number porting lets you move existing numbers to Sideline.
  • Voicemail to text – Get your voicemails transcribed and read them as a text message *$2.99/month.
  • International calling* – Call over 165 countries with this optional add-on for $15/mo per user.

Keep work and life separate




Appy Pie (Free, but monthly fee with upgrades) Maybe your program already has its own website, but what about its own app? Well, Appy pie is an app builder that assists its customers in building a mobile app for devices utilizing Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Microsoft operating systems. It is very easy to use and could be the exact thing you need to pull your program into 2017 tech compliance!


“Appy Pie is a fantastic, introductory app designer, especially for those interested in creating or adding a game to their mobile app. Its clean interface and numerous support options make it easy to use.” – TopTenReviews

“This is a great app making tool. I rolled out my iOS and android apps in less than 6 hours to the app stores. My android app got approved in less than 3 hours. The support is good and they help you through any bugs on their platform or errors you make in your process.” – Olusola Adio

#makeanapp… As easy as pie!


51Talk51 Talk (Pronounced: 5-1 Talk) Teachers, could you use a lil supplemental income now that school is out for the summer and you have all this free time on your hands? I’m sure you don’t want to be in that summer job where you are working alongside the very students you teach, which could make for awkward encounters. Well how about earning a decent wage from the comforts of your couch teaching students in China how to speak english? 51 talk is a company that I have been working with for about 3 months and I’ve actually enjoyed it. It’s been quite easy actually. They do all the lesson planning for you, all you have to do is have a good internet connection and video camera abilities on your laptop/desktop. Qualifications: A college degree is all that is required. You don’t have to be ESOL certified or any of that. If you are interested but have questions, you can contact me and I will gladly share my experiences.

Teach. Learn. Earn.



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