Customer Testimonials

“Stack Publishing has given the Golden Pride Band of Manning High School a new sound. Stack Publishing provides quality arrangements at a very reasonable price. My kids have fallen in love with Velvet Rope and Say La La. Thank you for the personal attention and outstanding arrangements for the Manning High School Golden Pride Band. Your services are second to none!” – Jeffery A. Gaines, Director of Bands – Manning High School

“I have played arrangements by this arranger for my young group and they were always accessible musicianship wise.In addition the arranger has always shown a willingness to modify parts if needed such as changing the melody voice to a more available instrument.The arranger has taken time to listen to the needs of my group and has volunteered on numerous occasions to write custom charts for my groups.
I have known this music educator for quite sometime and I glady add him to my network of resources for my band program.I urge all directors to check him out.”

“As an experienced auxiliary director, I know quality music when I hear it. Before having the pleasure of working with your auxiliary, I worked with wonderful band directors, traditional and corps styles. While there are some differences in the styles, the part that must be consistent and carries it all is well-played music! That process begins with well-written music taught by a knowledgeable, caring and commanding guide: the band director.
I’ve been privy to the song selection process, the days of humming and tapping out beats, the frustration when something just isn’t right and….that final moment when the magic has come together and the musical masterpiece is birthed. 😀
Specifically, I have witnessed you cover all musical genres and maintain dignity and class. Because our band was predominantly African-American, sometimes we were expected to only do hip hop/r&b, and use stereotypical clichés and concepts. We exceeded all expectations and proved that we could compete at any level. I’m extremely proud of that! A superior rated band with a superior rated Head band director is what we had in our performances, behavior and musical selections. Mr. Stackhouse, Thank you for MJ, Beyoncé, Anita, Prince, Debarge, Frankie, Janet and so much more😀”