IT’S GOING DOWN… IN THE STANDS!!: Has Halftime Taken A Backseat To The Gym Battle, Zero Quarter, And The 5th?

fieldMaybe I’m just bugging… but everything just seems a little “off” this year

2018 MARCHING SEASON – WEEK ONE: It’s Still Early… But Laawd!

HomecomingGameEntranceAs most bands are just climbing out of pre-drill and some have still yet to play their first games, the 2018 marching season has been officially “kicked off”. To say it was an eventful start would be an understatement!

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND: The Parable of Tennessee State

TSU2Many would argue that any reputable list of “the best” black college bands would have to include at least one powerhouse from each conference. That’s a fair assumption, but at the same time it is the exact issue that has plagued Tennessee State University’s Aristocrat of Bands (AOB) and others.

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