Ronald J Sarjeant – BEST OF MY LOVE

This is a classic Ronald J Sarjeant arrangement for The Marching 101’s “Champagne Dancers” Circa early 90’s. I remember hearing this selection on a band video that was passed around in High School. I can’t remember all the songs in the show, but this was played right after the drill selection. The Marching 101 was in the traditional “one knee” position and the sound of the band was very “full”. I remember the way the band looked and sounded as if it was yesterday… I was so impressed by the sound!

The voicing is what’s special about this selection, as much of the harmonies are spread across the band. Mr. Sarjeant never missed an opportunity to display the musicianship of his ensembles, even on a “Dance Feature”. See if you can properly analyze the last chord progression… Sarje would have gotten a kick out of that.

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