The purpose of our Legendary Interviews series is to highlight the careers of individuals that have contributed in great ways to our band culture and to the world of music education in general. With this project we are attempting to catalog the comments and thoughts of these legendary individuals into searchable transcript for generations to read and learn from for years to come. Enjoy…


“I don’t think a tough question is disrespectful.”

― Helen Thomas


Mr. Linard McCloud


Mr. H. Wade Johnson


Mr. Eddie Ellis




  1. I have known Eddie Ellis since I was a student in grad school at Georgia State University. Then we worked together in the same cluster of Dekalb County Schools even at McNair Middle School. I know of his great work everywhere he goes. He is truly a legend and his students love him. I love this interview. As I am close to retirement, he has some great tips that I can even use with my orchestra programs. He truly deserves to be in the HBCU Hall of Fame.


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    1. Absolutely!… An HBCU Hall of Fame appointment would be well deserved. Thank you for your valuable contribution.


    1. Yes, I also learned a lot while conducting this interview. Like all great educators, Mr. Ellis never misses an opportunity to teach.


  2. McCloud….the interview provided just a glimpse of who you are; the comments added another dimension. You found your passion early in life, as a band member yourself, and have instilled that passion in so many lives that you have touched. Your circle of influence is vast! Your honored your calling and was true your spirit. I am so proud to have been a part of your journey as a part of Burke High School…Class of 1972.
    Pheobe S. Malloy

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  3. As a band booster member and volunteer, it has been an honor working with Linard. I’ve known you since you were a mischievous boy. You have made your grandmother and mother so proud of you. Thank you for loving my son and not giving up on him. Your students respect you and love you as shown by those that have come back to offer their services. I pray God gives you the strength to continue.

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    The honors you receive is because of your dedication to your family, your extended family, and to the school. Just reading the story made me think about those early days of the Palmetto Invitational, the road trips to Canada, New Orleans, Hampton, and FAMU! Your guidance has served to mold so many lives. I always tell you in person and will also say it on here…because of you, I was allowed to become the man I am today. You taught us that there was a world bigger than than the “Port City.” You gave us a perspective on life to allow us to NEVER SETTLE and to DREAM BIG! I remember meeting up with you in California after you received your “Oscar!” I think I was just as proud to have the chance to be there with you as everyone else! 🙂 Thanks again for being a great sounding board, 2nd Dad, and comic relief (starting problems at my dad’s wake! Ha!) when I needed ya! Love ya and congrats!!!!

    CDR H. Lamont Gourdine, USN
    Military Deputy Athletic Director
    United States Naval Academy
    Annapolis, Maryland

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  5. As a former student of Mr. McCloud, I can truly say he is one of the best educators EVER! He not only taught us music, he taught us life lessons. He always worked towards the best for his students and always wanted and brought out the best in them. He’s the true reason I’ve made to and through college, and he still teaches and mentors me to this day. He’s a legendary man with a gentle soul. Thanks Mr. McCloud!!!

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  6. Great interview. Mr. McCloud is a true model of selflessness and genuine love for educating and inspiring youth. I love the fact that he is always blountly honest.

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  7. Awesome interview!!I really learned a lot and will definitely be taking notes from this. This was truly inspiring and motivational. Great job Stackhouse!!!

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