LET’S ESTABLISH THE RULES: The Ten 5th Commandments!

It’s The Ten 5th Commandments!

I’ve been in this game for years, its made me an animal.
It’s rules to this s#*t, I wrote you a manual.
A step-by-step booklet for you to get…
Your band on track… not your wig pushed back.

Rule Number Uno… Never play songs from your show.
If your book is weak… you don’t have to let the world know!
Nobody in the stands giving you a second chance.
Best to suck that “L” up, then get your weight up!

Number 2… Never let ’em know your next move.
If you’re waiting to hear what they play, you’re already through!
Just returning what you’re hearing is gonna be the wrong move.
Be the band that sets the tone or be the band that’s gonna lose.

Number 3… We don’t want to see your band dance!
Leave that dancing to the dancers when you’re cranking in the stands.
In the 5th, I don’t even want to see a horn flash!
While you’re partying and dancing they’re just comin’ for that @$$!

Number 4… I know you heard this before…
The first band to end, gives the other the win!

Number 5… You should never play a “school song”.
No Get Ready, Let’s Go, or Up For The Dawgs!

Number 6… Them simple rap tunes?… Dead it!
If you think 8 bars will get you a win, kid forget it!

Number 7… This rule is so underrated…
Take turns, and keep your sound completely segregated.
Bands playing at the same time don’t mix, like no funds and trips,
or herpes and lips.

Number 8…  Fanfares are a no-no!
The 5th is not the time for your favorite section’s talent show!

Number 9 Should have been Number 1 to me,
The 5th is over when them folks flip the lights and call police!
Y’all be deep in competition, but they ain’t trying to listen…
They’d be waiting at the bus to lock that @$$ up.

Number 10… the loudest band don’t always win.
Song selection is perfection in the game that we’re in.
Trying to blow the bells off can be impressive at times,
But a well played arrangement just blows the mind!

Follow these rules you’ll have mad wins to rake up.
If not, be prepared for a staff shake up.
Your band director fired, dance coach at the strip club.
I heard she dropped it low then kick up.
My man gave her $40 for his birthday turn up.
Gotta go, gotta go, more posts to write up!

LOL! Just having a little preseason fun with this post! As we kick off the marching season I wanted to bring this fun part of band culture to your attention in hopes that more bands understand the 5th quarter and improve their approach to it. By doing so, the competition will become better which makes for a more enjoyable experience for the fans. What are some rules that I left out? Sound off below! #RIPNotoriousBIG #GOAT




Published by Ernest Stackhouse

-Music Educator -Marching Band Show Design -Musical Arranger -Adjudicator -Fine Arts Administrator -Band Director -Writer

12 thoughts on “LET’S ESTABLISH THE RULES: The Ten 5th Commandments!

  1. Great lessons Stack!! And I’m tired of hearing 8 bars of the band then 30 mins of tubas and percussion. That don’t make a song even if that tuba line hittin’ hard as heck. Everything is on youtube these days so they better bring their best selections. Dig in them crates!! Truth like rain, it don’t care who it fall on and you raining it down on em fella!!

    Peace Bruh

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