“This brotherhood that binds us all together… It will be strong and never will die… It’s built on love we have for our fraternity… Here’s a toast to Kappa Kappa Psi!”

I usually try not to get personal… but this one’s personal.

In the spring of 1997 I was wrapping up my sophomore year on the campus of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. I was thrilled to finally study in my major, Music Education. I was still on cloud nine having, successfully, completed my first classes taught by the legends in our music department. This was an exciting year to be a musician in our band program. During the fall our marching band had grown to well over 260 members and with it came new uniforms, new instruments, and televised performances like NFL games.

Brothers for life…

As the spring semester started we were in the middle of preparing for our annual Concert Band/Jazz Ensemble Tour when I was approached by a member of Kappa Kappa Psi (ΚΚΨ). I was invited to attend their interest meeting, a meeting that I would never forget. Let’s just say I came out of it ready to be a member of ΚΚΨ. This was my introduction to greek life, fraternities, service organizations, etc so much studying and preparation was required…

ΚΚΨ and ΤΒΣ… One big family!

I was always impressed by the brotherhood/sisterhood and service the members of ΚΚΨ and Tau Beta Sigma (ΤΒΣ) displayed in our band. It was not a rarity to see members preparing lunch for the entire band before long trips, handing out water during field rehearsals, or assisting with uniform collection and assignment.

More than that, I was impressed with the leadership the fraternity exemplified. Most of the section leaders and Drum Majors in our band were members of ΚΚΨ and ΤΒΣ. It was impressive to see that all of the band’s major initiatives were often lead by members of the fraternity/sorority. I wanted to be apart of that.


During the process of becoming a member of this fraternity I was introduced to eight guys that have truly become brothers of mine. Shout out to my brothers, we call ourselves 9 S.O.L.I.D. (9 Souls Of Lyrical Impressionistic Dynamics).

7 of 9 S.O.L.I.D.

We celebrate 20 years in the fraternity (1997-2017) this year! We’ve been there for each other through all of life’s major events; graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, birth of children, sickness, and death of loved ones.

My Brothers and I at the funeral services of our beloved director Mr. Ronald J. Sarjeant

The decision to become a member of this great organization alongside these great men of character has been one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s amazing that something we did as 19 year olds has had such an impactful effect on our lives to this very day.  I am blessed and fortunate to have the memories of all the “nights out”, the ridiculously funny situations (Like one of us getting locked in the restroom in FAMU’s band hall LOL!) the hard work and love for our band, and the never ending brotherly love that reminds me no matter what life throws at me, there are some guys I can count on to have my back 101%.

Brothers on the yard, about to load up for the FAMU game

If you are reading this as a college band member and you are; looking for an opportunity to be impactful, wanting to adhere to ideals of purpose, and needing the experience of true brotherhood/sisterhood, then I implore you to seek out ΚΚΨ and ΤΒΣ. There are no organizations like them in all of the world. It’s an honor to be selected and a privilege to serve. #AEA


Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity (ΚΚΨ), is a fraternity for college and university band members. It was founded on November 27, 1919 at Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, now known as Oklahoma State University. Tau Beta Sigma (ΤΒΣ), National Honorary Band Sorority, has been recognized as a sister organization since 1947, and the two organizations share National Headquarters in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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