No one in the world of college sports defines leadership and style as effectively as the college band’s Drum Major. Maybe a Quarterback would be the closest thing, but I’ve never seen a Quarterback do a split and get up in less than 3 seconds. Style is an important characteristic of any great Drum Major and in the world of College Bands there are three distinct Drum Major styles that gave birth to what I can only describe as “families”…

You have the OSU Family – Southern University, Grambling State University, Norfolk State University, etc.

The FAMU Family – Bethune Cookman, Alabama State, Prairie View A&M, South Carolina State Univ. etc.

The JSU Family – Alcorn State Univ, Savannah State, NCA&T, etc.

Which “Family” do you prefer? Cast your vote and drop us a comment explaining why!


  1. I am biased. I am going with JSU. BET gave Jackson state university a national platform when it use to air all of the SWAC games in BET’s earlier years. Many of the HBCU’s drum majors were inspired by a lot of the moves that JSU Drum majors created and displayed on national tv.


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